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How to Delete Depop Account- 4 Easy Steps

Depop is a community-powered fashion marketplace and mobile space magazine where users can see what friends and those you draw inspiration from like, buy, and sell. In this article, I will share how to delete Depop account and also provide insight into frequently asked questions about Depop. You can also read up on how to delete OfferUp account which is also an online buying and selling platform.

How to Delete Depop Account

  1. Open your email acount associated with Depop on your mobile phone or web browser.
  2. Compose an email, provide your Username and request to delete your Depop account.
  3. Send the composed email to
  4. Please ensure you have no open dispute or pending order before making this request.

How to Delete Depop Account – Method 2

How to Delete Depop Account
How to Delete Depop Account

There is another way you can delete your Depop account, simply send Depop a request by filling out the Request Form.

  1. Select the account issue from the drop down list. “Acccount Issue”.
  2. Enter your email address linked to your Depop account.
  3. Select an Issue from the drop down list “I want to delete my account”.
  4. Enter your Depop Username.
  5. Give a detailed description of your issue or request.
  6. You can attached a file if you want.
  7. Tap submit when you’re done.

What is Depop?

How to Delete Depop Account
How to Delete Depop Account

Depop is an online fashion shopping platform for buying and selling majorly clothes and accessories. Depop was founded in 2011 by Simon Beckerman, it was created as a social network where readers of PIG magazine could buy items from young creators featured in the magazine.

Depop is currently a wholly-owned subsidiary of Etsy but it still operates as a standalone company. You can access Depop on an app, there is an app for iOS and Android users. On the app, users can buy and sell clothing, accessories, and other items from one another.

How to Delete Depop Account
How to Delete Depop Account

Depop is very similar to Poshmark and Mercari, you can read up on how to sell on Mercari if you want. You can sell your unused clothes on Depop, or if you are an upcoming fashion designer, Depop is a good place to sell your clothes.

How to Delete Depop Account Listing on App

  1. Open the Depop app on your mobile phone.
  2. Go to the lisiting you want to delete.
  3. At the top right corner, tap the three dots.
  4. Tap on the trash bin icon that states Delete item.

How to Cancel Depop Order

How to Delete Depop Account
How to Delete Depop Account

If you are a seller and you’d like to cancel a Depop order, go to the summary page and find the transaction that you wish to cancel and process a refund for. Click on the transaction, and on the details, tap issue a refund. Simply follow the steps to start the refund process and the order will be canceled.

As a buyer, if you want to cancel an order you have made on Depop, it’s best to contact the seller by sending them a message from your Depop account, they will be able to cancel if they have not shipped already. Some sellers may still charge you for the non-refundable PayPal fee.

How to Delete Depop Account on App

There are two ways you can delete your Depop account permanently, you can fill out the Request form, or send an email to Depop help email at For both methods, you need a web browser or you can just send an email through the email app on your mobile phone.

Depop Selling Fees

So, how much does it cost to use Depop you might ask; when you list and sell an item on Depop, you will get charged a flat 10% fee. This is the only charge attached to selling on Depop, there is no listing or subscription fee.

Is Depop second-hand clothing?

Depop can be classed as a website or app where you can buy not just second-hand clothing, but also clothes from young creative designers.

Do I have to pay tax if I sell on Depop?

I know it sucks, but the truth is if you sell online and make a profit, you need to pay tax. It’s a bit tricking though. You don’t need to pay tax on second-hand clothes. But you might be subject to tax if you make the clothes/buy new clothes and sell for a profit.

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