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Thank you for visiting this page. We are a fast-growing social media, technology, and internet-related blog, and love to help people get the best out of their smart devices, mobile applications, and Softwares.

If you have extensive knowledge on tech-related, social media, mobile apps, and software topics, and would love to contribute to this platform, then we’d love to hear from you.

Topics you Can Write About

  • Social Media
  • Smart phones and accessories
  • Smart devices
  • PC and Mobile Gaming
  • Mobile Apps
  • Softwares
  • Tech- related How-to’s
  • Technology Trends/ News

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

We welcome every excellent writer to write for us, there are some submission guidelines that you will need to adhere to. Please carefully read the guidelines below, and stick to them to prevent your article or articles from being rejected.

  1. Please ensure the post is well written in English language only.
  2. Please proofread your article and ensure it’s readable and free from grammatical errors.
  3. Please do a topic research before submitting an article to us, topics which have been published on our website won’t be accepted.
  4. Spun articles will be rejected, if you want to write for us don’t bother submitting it.
  5. We carry out plagiarism checks on submitted articles, your article should be 100% original.
  6. Articles proposed for submission must be informative, provide value or solutions to readers.
  7. Your proposed article must have a minimum of 600 words and be SEO friendly.
  8. Your article must include at least two relevant images.
  9. Please ensure you use the right Headings and subheadings in your article.
  10. Please only include one relevant link, any link not related to the proposed article will be removed.
  11. Articles submitted will be published within 24 hours if approved.

We would love you to write for us, so please follow the guidelines to prevent your article from being rejected.

Where to Send your Article

Please send us an email with your article; familiacircle1@gmail.com

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