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What Is Facebook Touch, & How to Download Facebook Touch 2022

So, what is Facebook Touch? It is simply an extended sleeker version of the biggest social media platform on earth; Facebook. In this article, you will get to know the difference between the regular Facebook application and the Facebook touch, and also how to, and who can use Facebook Touch.

What is Facebook Touch?

You can easily guess what Facebook touch is all about from its name. Facebook Touch is a more sophisticated version of Facebook that was specifically developed for Facebook users that own or use Touch screen devices.

Facebook designed the Facebook touch application to ensure Facebook users that use smart devices that have touchscreen-enabled have a better experience when logged into Facebook.

The difference between Facebook Touch and the regular Facebook application is hardly noticeable as they look almost identical, the major difference is the URL, user interface, and graphics. If you own a touchscreen device, you might actually have used Facebook touch without even knowing about it. Facebook intelligently switches to its Touch version when you log into your Facebook account using a touchscreen-enabled device.

Differences between Regular Facebook and Facebook Touch?

What I get asked the most is; What is Facebook touch and how is it so different from the regular Facebook application?

  1. If you’ve accessed your Facebook account using a browser, and you are very observant, you’ll notice that the URL of the Facebook touch in the address bar of your browser differs slightly from the URL of the regular Facebook application. Regular Facebook URL:, Facebook Touch URL:
  2. Facebook touch provides its users with a seamless user experience, it loads really fast and you can browse through your Facebook account feed quickly without worrying about your touchscreen device freezing. If you love to add music to your Facebook story, you’ll find Facebook Touch very useful because it’ll provide a better experience for you.
  3. You can expect to download or view very high-quality images on your Facebook profile or feed when you use Facebook Touch. This is great, especially if you’d like to save a video on Facebook. This is not the same for the regular Facebook application, where picture qualities are cut down because of the strain it puts on the operating system of older phones and also because of the large data capacity needed.
  4. Accessing Facebook touch on a browser using your smart device also means you’ll be able to login to Facebook Messenger without downloading the app.

Facebook Touch Download

Facebook Touch is not available on the google play store or the Apple app store for download. If you have got a smart device with touchscreen-enabled, simply open any web browser on your phone and search for Facebook Touch or enter this URL on a browser. If you have the Facebook app downloaded on your mobile phone already, you’ll be automatically signed in to Facebook Touch when you tap the browse.

What is Facebook Touch
What is Facebook Touch

Another way to join the Facebook Touch is to download the Facebook Touch APK file by allowing installation from unknown sources on your device.

Steps to install Facebook touch Using APK File

What is Facebook Touch
What is Facebook Touch
  1. Check your settings and ensure installation of unknown source is enabled.
  2. Next, on a web browser search for download Facebook touch, go through a few of the options from the search result.
  3. when you’ve found the APK file you are happy to install and download, tap Download and then access the downloaded file on your smart device.
  4. When the download is complete, you can open the downloaded file and access your Facebook account, this way you can enjoy the amazing user interface of the Facebook Touch application.

What is Facebook Touch ID?

Facebook Touch should not be mixed up with the Touch ID, they are two separate things. So, what is Facebook Touch ID? It is simply a way of adding an extra layer of security and privacy to your Facebook account by turning on the app lock feature to have Facebook Messenger require the Face ID or fingerprint from your smart device before the Facebook app can be opened.

Before the Facebook Touch ID feature can work on your smartphone, you’ll need to make sure you have set up a face or fingerprint ID on your android or iPhone device. App lock is also only available for Android 9 and 10, and the feature only applies to your Messenger app and does not affect any other face recognition settings for Facebook.

 How to Lock Messenger app on iPhone and Android

1. Open the Facebook Messenger app on your Mobile phone.

2. In the top left of the Messenger app, tap your profile picture.

 How to Lock Facebook Messenger app
 How to Lock Facebook Messenger app

3. Next, tap Privacy and then App lock.

4. Tap Require Face ID or Require Touch ID to turn on and off, then select when you want to lock Messenger after leaving the app.

Turning on Facebook Messenger lock won’t stop you from getting/seeing message notifications and calls from Facebook messenger.

If you want to respond to messages or calls from Messenger, tap on the notification, and the app lock will ask for your fingerprint or face ID before letting you reply or answer the call. You can also reply to locked notifications on your iOS device without providing an ID.

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