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How to Track a Lost Android Phone- 5 Easy Ways

Mobile phones these days are so important to so many people, we use them to keep in touch with friends and family, and at times for business. It is also a device used to unwind, some people access Facebook Touch with their phones, others like to play puzzle games on their android phones. All these reasons make it easy to imagine how traumatizing it can be to lose a phone. In this article, I will share how to track a lost android phone and 5 possible ways to do it.

How to Track a Lost Android Phone via Google Maps

How to Track a Lost Android Phone
How to Track a Lost Android Phone

This method is the most popular way to track down a lost Android. Because Google owns Android, it comes pre-installed with Google Maps, Gmail, and the Google Play Store.

Finding your Android is incredibly simple if you are signed in to your Google account on your computer’s web browser. Go to Google on your computer’s web browser. Then type “find my Android” in the search box. The first search result will be a map showing your Android’s most recent known location.

You should install the Google Find My Device app on your Android devices if you have an Android tablet or wear an OS watch. The device must be turned on and connected to a Google account if you want to trace your lost Android phone with your Google account.

Location services, as well as the Find My Device option, must be enabled. The Find My Device feature is switched on automatically if you’re connected to your Google Account.

How to Track a Lost Android Phone on Manufacturer’s Website.

There are still alternatives to assist you in discovering your misplaced Android phone if you don’t have a Google account! Most Android phones come with a tracking app or other means of locating the phone if it is misplaced.

As an example, consider Samsung devices. Find My Mobile is a setting on Samsung Android phones that operates similarly to Google’s Find My Device. If the option is enabled, you may monitor your phone using their app or their website.

Ensure that this option is enabled at all times. You’ll be able to locate the phone’s most recent known location in this manner. It has all of Google’s functionality, plus a few extras. You can back up your phone, retrieve texts and calls, and even extend the battery life with Find My Mobile.

How to Track a Lost Android Phone With Wireless Carrier

How to Track a Lost Android Phone
How to Track a Lost Android Phone

Most major wireless carriers will send you to Google’s Find My Device to help track a lost Android phone. You may also report your phone as lost/stolen using your wireless carrier’s website or app if you have no way of recovering it. You may also lock or wipe your device remotely.

How to Track a Lost Android Phone Through Third-Party Apps

Although utilizing Google’s built-in device tracker is usually convenient to locate your lost Android, you may also use third-party software. If you have small children who have phones, a third-party app is also helpful. You can ensure kids are secure at all times by downloading a third-party app on their phones, even while they are not at home.

Xnspy is one of the most popular third-party apps for tracking lost Android phones. You may install this software on each phone in your home and use the GPS location tracking feature to monitor anyone in real-time.

You may also share your whereabouts with your family, which is helpful if you’re ever in a dangerous place. If you want to keep track of family members or acquaintances who have iPhones, you may use Xnspy. If your phone or SD card is stolen, you may also erase it and its data. Excellent Xnspy customer reviews make it a recommended app for all families out there. 

Xnspy must be installed on the phone before it can assist in the recovery of a lost or stolen Android device. If you don’t want to rely on Google to locate your phone if it ever goes lost, make sure to download Xnspy as soon as you get it. But don’t just take our word for it. You can check their Xnspy customer reviews on Sitejabber, TrustPilot, and many other review sites.

How to Track a Lost Android Phone Using IMEI Number

You’ll need to download a third-party IMEI tracking tool such as “IMEI Tracker-Find My Device.” It will help track a lost Android phone using the IMEI number. This approach, however, should only be used as a last option.

An IMEI number is a 15-digit code that is exclusive to your phone. It’s an acronym for International Mobile Equipment Identity, and it’s located in the About section of your smartphone’s settings. Always note down the IMEI when purchasing a new Android and store it in a secure location in case you need it.

Knowing your Android phone’s IMEI number can come in handy if it is ever lost or stolen and you have no method of recovering it. If you have the IMEI number, you can report it to the police. You can also block the number, making it impossible for anybody else to register the phone in the future.

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