How to Sign up in WeChat 2021- Complete Guide

WeChat is the most popular communication platform in China, the same country that houses the creator of TikTok. In this article, I will show you how to sign up in WeChat.

Just like Facebook and Instagram, WeChat is a Chinese multifaceted app, it’s more than a social media, messaging, and mobile payment app. It’s an app used by over one billion people across the world.

When you sign up for WeChat, you can chat and make calls with friends, read news, play fun games with friends, read news, use local services in official accounts and mini-programs, and also enjoy the mobile payment features with WeChat pay.

How to sign up in WeChat in 2021– Non-China Residents

If you want to sign up to WeChat, there are four account types you can choose from; Subscription Account, Service Account, WeChat work, and Mini Program. Most non-China residents that need Wechat need it for communicating with Chinese sellers in China. Sites like OfferUp If you are a non-China resident you will only be able to sign up for a Service account.

If you want to learn how to sign up in WeChat, follow the steps below;

1. Choose an account type that you’d like to sign up for. You can find WeChat here. Remember, if you are a non-China resident, you can only successfully register for a Service Account, i.e. use this to learn how to get WeChat in the USA.

How to sign up in WeChat
How to sign up in WeChat

2. Next, you will need to enter your email address, the email addresses may only be used to register for a single account (This email address will be used to log in to the platform and must not have been previously used to register or bind a personal WeChat account, Subscription Account, Service Account, Mini Program, Enterprise Account, or Open Platform account), choose a password, confirm your password, tick the agreement box, and then tap the register tab.

How to sign up in WeChat
How to sign up in WeChat

3. Next, you’ll need to select the Region of your Business License. The drop-down list includes most countries and regions of the world, you’ll find the popular countries listed first.

4. Select your company or organisation’s current location from the drop-down list of countries/regions. If your country is not on the list it means your country is not currently supported.

How to sign up in WeChat
How to sign up in WeChat

5. Next, enter your organisation’s details such as your company name, business registration number as shown on your local business license. You also need an account administrator, you can be the designated account administrator. Enter your full name, passport number and verify your mobile phone number.

6. Next, create an account profile by entering your account information, such as an account name, your operating area, and a short introduction of your account. This is how to register to WeChat

How to Get WeChat Verified

If you choose to verify your WeChat account, simply start the verification process, there’s a $99 cost per year for verification of official accounts outside mainland China.

How to Sign Up in WeChat Android and Apple iPhone

If you want to use the WeChat app on your Android phone or iPhone and have a private account, you’ll need to download the WeChat app from the play store or Appstore. If you live outside China, it might be difficult to have an active WeChat account this is because you need to be in China or know someone that lives there that can help you scan your QR code.

If you want to sign up to WeChat without a friend, you can find and join a Facebook group that assists people with WeChat Account verification.

In the steps below, I’ll show you how to sign up to WeChat on your mobile phone.

1 On your mobile phone, download the WeChat app from Apple’s AppStore or Google Play store.

2. Next, open the WeChat app on your mobile phone and click on the Sign Up button.

How to Sign Up in WeChat Android and Apple iPhone
How to Sign Up in WeChat Android and Apple iPhone

3. You could either sign up to WeChat using Facebook or Sign up to WeChat via Mobile.

How to Sign Up in WeChat Android and Apple iPhone
How to Sign Up in WeChat Android and Apple iPhone

4. Next enter your name, region, your mobile number, choose a password and agree to the terms of service and privacy policy.

How to Sign Up in WeChat Android and Apple iPhone
How to Sign Up in WeChat Android and Apple iPhone

5. Click the next button and follow the instructions for security verification.

How to Verify Your WeChat Account

There are two stages to verify your Wechat account. The first is quite easy; simply follow the instruction on your mobile phone’s screen and drag the slider to fit the puzzle piece.

How to WeChat Sign Up in Android and Apple iPhone
How to WeChat Sign Up in Android and Apple iPhone

The next stage is the complicated one, you’ll need to contact a WeChat user that can scan the QR code which is shown on your phone screen.

How to Verify WeChat Without Friend

For the second stage of verification of your WeChat account, you need to get someone who already has a WeChat account to help you scan your WeChat QR code. This is the only way you can sign up to WeChat. There are a few criteria that the person must meet. I have listed them below. The WeChat user must have;

1. Signed up for WeChat over 1 month ago if they are an international user or over 6 months ago if they are a China Mainland user.

2. Hasn’t completed “Help Friend Register” for other users in the past month.

3. Hasn’t been blocked in the past month.

4. Has activated WeChat Pay if they are a China Mainland user.

You can verify your WeChat account without a friend. There are several groups on Facebook where you can find someone that’ll be willing to scan the code for you free of charge, there are other groups where you would need to pay a small fee. You can leave the group as soon as you have got your QR code scanned.

Once you find someone to help you scan the WeChat QR code, you’ll get an SMS sent to the mobile number you provided earlier. When you get your code, enter the code in the blank and tap the Next button, and your Wechat account should be active. It usually takes less than 48 seconds for the WeChat verification code to arrive.

This is how to sign up in WeChat. I hope you’ve found this article helpful.

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