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How to Hard Reset iPhone 11/iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max- 4 Easy Ways

There are several reasons you may require you to know how to hard reset iPhone 11. I recently had to hard reset my iPhone 11 because it froze right in the middle of a very important Zoom Meeting. Nightmare!

I got my iPhone 11 back to life by doing a hard reset. Resetting your phone can also help to solve some iPhone issues such as; an unresponsive phone or spinning wheel.

Unlike its predecessors, the iPhone 11 has a different design, this simply means apple rearranged the buttons. So if you have an iPhone that was produced after 2017, the overall button design and positions should be the same.

This article will provide step-by-step information on how to hard reset iPhone 11 and any iPhone produced after the iPhone 8 generation.

New Buttons Location on iPhone 11

How to hard reset iPhone 11

If you have had an iPhone prior to iPhone 8, you’d notice that apple changed the location of the buttons on the iPhone. The design is unique from its predecessors.

  • There are now two buttons on the left-side of the iPhone( volume up and down button).
  • There is a single button at the right side of the iPhone.
  • You’ll also find that there’s no home button on iPhone 11.

Is a Soft Reset the Fix your iPhone needs?

Before you decide to do a hard reset for your iPhone 11, you might just be able to fix your unresponsive phone with a soft reset. Please follow these steps to soft reset your iPhone 11.

1. Hold down the Volume down and right side button until the Slide to Power Off option appears on the phone screen.

2. Slide the power off option in order to turn off your iPhone 11.

3. When you’ve turned off your iPhone, do a reboot by restarting your phone. This should fix minor issues with your iPhone.

When, and How to do a Hard Reset for iPhone 11

You’ll need to force reset your iPhone 11 if you have tried to do a soft reset and the Slide to Power Off option doesn’t appear on your iPhone screen.

It’s also good practice to do a hard reset if you want to clear your phones’ RAM cache or if you’ve recently updated apps on your phone. Please follow these steps below to do a hard reset.

1. Press the volume up button just once and release it.

2. Press the Volume down button just once and release it.

3. Press and hold the right-side button until the Apple logo appears.

4. Keep holding the right-side button until the phone screen goes black.

5. You’ll see the Apple logo come up, and the iPhone will automatically restart.

You can also reset your iPhone 11 from the settings menu on your iPhone.

This is my least favourite method because it requires a lot of steps. If you are going to use this method to reset your iPhone 11, you’ll need to;

1. Tap on the settings icon on the top right corner of your phone.

2. Scroll down and click on general with the gear icon.

hard reset iphone 11

3. Search for Shut Down in the pop up options.

4. Tap on Shut Down to turn off your iPhone.

shut down 1 1

5. Restart your iPhone after a few minutes.

It’s recommended you do a hard reset at least once a week, especially if you have a lot of apps on your phone. It will help optimise the performance of your phone.

How to Enter Recovery Mode on iPhone 11/Pro and Pro Max

Computer and iTunes icons on iPhone recovery mode 1

If you are having trouble with the spinning wheel or a freezing iPhone 11, entering recovery mode can help restore your iPhone over the air by connecting it to iTunes. Follow the steps below to enter recovery mode.

‌1. Connect your iPhone 11 to your Mac or PC with the original Lightning to USB cable that came with your iPhone. Make sure your Mac or PC has the latest version of iTunes installed.

2. Press and quickly release the Volume up button (don’t hold it down).

3. Press and quickly release the Volume Down button (don’t hold it down).

4. Press and hold the button at the right side (the sleep/wake button) of your iPhone 11/ Pro, or Pro Max Plus, you’ll see the Apple logo appear.

5. Continue holding the Sleep/Wake button until you see the recovery mode with the “Connect to iTunes” screen on your iPhone 11, then release the button.

6. Click on Launch iTunes, you’ll see a pop-up message stating, “There is a problem with the iPhone that requires it to be updated or restored.” 

7. Follow the instructions on your PC or Mac screen to update or restore your iPhone 11/Pro/Pro Max.

If neither of these methods works, you may need to try restoring your iPhone 11/ Pro/Pro Max in DFU mode. The DFU (Device Firmware Update) will reload the software and firmware of your iPhone. This method should fix almost any iPhone issue that is software-related.

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