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How to Join a Zoom Meeting-Complete Beginner’s Guide

Join a Zoom Meeting

Zoom is simply a video conferencing meeting that’s held via the Zoom app on a mobile phone, through a web browser, or the app on a PC. Zoom is no doubt already a household name, and It’s also so easy to learn how to join a Zoom meeting.

Zoom has such a great user interface, and it’s no surprise that it has outperformed its big rivals out there like Google meet and Microsoft Teams, and even Skype.

You can also join a Zoom meeting without downloading the App. In this post, I intend to answer all your questions about joining or setting up a zoom meeting.

How to Join Zoom Meeting for the First Time.

Joining a zoom meeting is very easy. First, you’ll need an invitation from a host. The invitation will be in form of a link(URL) or a meeting ID. And if you’re joining a zoom meeting for the first time, you’ll need a passcode.

If you have been invited to join a zoom meeting by your friends or even colleagues, you won’t be able to gain access to the zoom meeting before the Host unless the host enables access to participants before the meetings’ start time.

How to Join a Zoom Meeting using a Browser

How to Join a Zoom Meeting

If you’re joining a Zoom meeting using a computer(desktop/laptop), you don’t need to download the Zoom App to Launch a meeting.

Follow these steps if you’re using Chrome/Safari/IE or Edge Web Browser:

1. Open Chrome/Safari/Edge/Internet Explorer.

2. Enter the URL for Zoom meeting;

3. Next, you will need to enter your meeting ID provided by the host/organizer. You can easily copy from the source(e.g. email) and paste it into the box, then click join.

How to join a Zoom meeting on mobile

To join a zoom meeting for the first time using your mobile phone, you must download the Zoom app.

If you have an iPhone or an Android, please follow these steps:

1. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, you will need to download the zoom app from the App store.

2. Once you have downloaded the app, you can join a meeting in two ways; you can click on Join a Meeting if you’d rather not sign in. Or you can sign in to Zoom and then click on Join.

3. Enter the meeting ID number that you have been sent by the host and your display name.

4. If you’re signed in, you can change your name if you don’t want your display name to appear. If you’re not signed in, you’ll need to enter a display name.

5. Next you will need to choose if you’d like to connect to audio and /or video. After choosing your preference, select Join.

How to Set up/Host a Zoom Meeting

Before you can set up a Zoom meeting, you must sign up for Zoom. It’s completely free and easy to sign up. You’ll need an email where a verification code can be sent to when you sign up for Zoom.

Although zoom is free, the free version limits your meeting time to 45 mins after which all participants and the host will have to rejoin the meeting.

After you’ve signed up and verified your email address, you can then set up a Zoom meeting by Hosting a meeting on Zoom.

There are three meeting options provided by Zoom. You can choose to host a zoom meeting with video on, with video off, or with screen-sharing only.

When you click on your preferred hosting option, for example, with video on, it will immediately launch a meeting. You also get the option to set a scheduled meeting.

zoom meeting set up

If you’d like to invite people to your meeting, click on the ^ next to participants and click on invite, It’ll open a page that’ll ask you to choose your email service to send Invitation.

As a Zoom host, you need to ensure your zoom participants are engaging and responsive during your zoom meeting. You can spice up the zoom meeting by playing games on zoom.

If you don’t want to send the Zoom invitation link via email, you can easily copy the link and send it via text or any social media platform. You should also send the Passcode which will be in the bottom right corner of the page.

How to record a zoom meeting

How to Join a Zoom Meeting

Recording a Zoom meeting is very easy. You can record a zoom meeting by simply clicking on the record button at the bottom of the meeting screen. However, be aware that participants can only record a meeting if given permission by the host.

You can pause and resume a recording in a zoom meeting, simply press Stop when you’re done recording. Also, when you are done recording, the recorded file will be converted to an mp4 file when the meeting ends.

How do I Install Zoom App? Zoom Cloud Meeting.

To Install Zoom on your phone, go to Google Play Store and search for the Zoom app. You do not need to download the Zoom app to join a meeting if you are using a desktop or a computer. Therefore, you can attend a zoom meeting without a zoom app by opening zoom on your browser.

1. Click on Install and let the app download. The Zoom app is referred to as Zoom Cloud meeting.

2. After downloading, open the Zoom app

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3. If you have been sent an invite, you can tap on the invitation link to automatically join the meeting.

4. You can also copy the meeting ID and enter it where it says meeting ID.

5. Next you’ll need to enter the meeting passcode

How to Join a Zoom Meeting

6. When you’ve entered your meeting passcode, you must agree to Zooms terms of service and privacy policy.

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7. Next, you’ll be prompted to allow Zoom access permission.

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8. The next stage is where you’ll need to give Zoom permission to take pictures and record video. Click here to learn more about cookies and permissions.

join zoom meeting

9. Finally, you’ll need to choose to join the meeting with or without a video. You can also set if you want a video preview.

How do you answer a call in zoom?

  1. To answer and join a Zoom call on your mobile, you must download the Zoom app and also sign in.

2. When your phone rings, Zoom phone will display a call notification on your phone screen to help you identify your caller.

3. When a call comes through, You can either choose to Accept, Decline, Dismiss or Close the call if you are not on currently on a zoom call.

4. If you are currently on a call, you can choose the following options for your incoming Zoom call:

  • Hold & Accept: You can decide to place the call you’re on currently on hold and answer the incoming call. There is a call control that you can use to switch between the calls or merge them into a three-way call.
  • Send to Voicemail: If you don’t want to answer the incoming call, you can continue the current call and send the incoming call to your voicemail.
  • End & Accept: You can also end the current call and answer the incoming call.

How do I see all participants in zoom?

Screenshot 40 1

1. To see all participants in a Zoom meeting, simply click on participants at the bottom tabs of your active Zoom meeting.

2. If you are using a desktop/laptop, it will bring up a page on the right-hand side of all the participants in the Zoom meeting.

3. If you are attending the Zoom meeting with your mobile phone, you’ll get a pop up with a new page that’ll show you all the participants in the meeting.

Why can’t people see me on Zoom?

If people can’t see you in a Zoom meeting, it’s probably because you have not enabled Video. You need to make sure you have enabled video, if your video icon has a red stroke across it, people won’t be able to see you during a meeting.

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How do you talk in zoom Meeting?

To talk in Zoom, you need to make sure your Microphone icon is not muted. This way, if you speak, everyone will be able to hear you.

But it’s best to raise your hand before speaking so you don’t interrupt the meeting mid-flow. The host can also choose to Mute participants upon entry into the meeting, or even mute all participants.

How do you raise a hand in zoom?

To raise a hand during a Zoom meeting, Click on the More tab at the bottom right corner of your Zoom meeting, then click on Raise hand. If you change your mind about raising your hand, simply click on the More tab again and click on Lower hand.

Zoom meeting raise hand

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