How To Delete Secret Benefits Account 2021

How To Delete Secret Benefits Account
How To Delete Secret Benefits Account

In this article, I will provide a step-by-step guide on how to delete secret benefits account.
Secret benefits is a controversial website that offers a platform for older men and younger girls to connect. They are also referred to as sugar daddies and sugar babies, respectively.

How To Delete Secret Benefits Account

1. Open the Secret benefits website on your web browser and then log into your account using your email and password.

2. Tap the thumbnail that’s located just at the top right corner of the page.

3. Next, in the drop-down menu, simply search for the Settings tab.

4. Search for Deactivate your account link to delete your account on Secret benefits.

5. Finally, select a reason for opting out of Secret Benefits.

What is Secret Benefits

Secret benefits is a website that provides a platform for older men and younger girls to start a relationship. These relationships might be love or material gains intended. The website is well designed and easy to navigate through, and well-to-do men looking to have a relationship with young beautiful ladies mostly used it. Although, you have to be above 18 years to sign up for a Secret Benefits account.

Although I don’t subscribe to a service like this because of the high level of uncertainty involved; if for any reason you are looking for an arrangement like this, then you can sign up or create an account on the Secret benefits website, you could even download the app on your mobile phone.

Secret Benefits Sign Up

How To Delete Secret Benefits Account
How To Delete Secret Benefits Account

The Secret Benefits sign-up process is straightforward, If you are a sugar baby, you can create an account for free, this a very different from Onlyfans account. You will need to provide some information about yourself when you sign up.

You’ll need to enter your email address, create a password and username, enter your location and age. You’ll also need to share your ethnicity, height, hair colour, and some other physical attributes.

You can also add some more information such as your relationship and education status. You will need to upload a profile picture and you can also upload secret photos which will only be viewable to members you have selected.

As a sugar baby, you are expected to upload a photo and an introductory video before your account can be verified.

Secret Benefits Login

How To Delete Secret Benefits Account
How To Delete Secret Benefits Account

Once your account has been verified, you can log into your Secret benefits account. To log in to your Secret benefits account, simply enter your email address and your password.

How Does Secret Benefits Work

Unlike some websites where you need to pay a monthly subscription fee, on Secret Benefits you need to purchase credits, Not sure if you can get free credits for Secret benefits.

Anyway, as a sugar daddy, you need to buy credits. You need 10 credits to talk to a member of your choice, and some additional credits to view the photos they have uploaded. Some people find this a lot cheaper than paying a fixed subscription like on Onlyfans

Is Secret Benefits Legitimate

Yeah, Secret Benefits looks to be a legitimate website that was carefully designed and that also has a great user interface that helps users easily navigate through the features and services available on the website.

Free Credits for Secret Benefits

You can’t get free credits for your Secret benefits account. If you decide to delete your secret benefits account, you will also lose any credit that has not been used as you can’t request a refund. So, it’s best to buy the smallest credit option if you are new to the website.

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