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6 Best Puzzle Games on Android 2022- They’re Free!!

best puzzle games on Android
best puzzle games on Android

Puzzles are perfect for exercising our brains as they help us think now to become more adept at problem-solvingHowever, thanks to the Google Play Store we can now easily have access to the best puzzle games on Android operating system.

And we have decided to organize a list with Best Puzzle Games on Android and we will tell you all the details and its most original functions for you to download.

1. Puzzle World: Turn your photos into puzzles

Let’s start our review with a traditional application that has a lot to offer us. Puzzle World comes packed with lots of themed puzzles, including those artistic paintings, important earth landscapes, ancient buildings, and some drawings and illustrations.

But what we like most is that you can upload an image from your gallery and the app will take care of it turning it into a fun puzzle for you. How about?

As if that weren’t enough, Puzzle World was designed for teamwork or individual play, as it comes with a multiplayer mode and you can choose how many people will participate.

If you like challenges, there are four difficulty levels depending on the number of pieces that make up the puzzle. From 9 and 25 for children, up to 100 and 225 for those who are not afraid to think. Its interface is very clean and new options are always added for you to try.

2-Due. Empires & Puzzles: Epico Match

This fun crossover will get you to enjoy two of your favorite multiplayer games with the same fun concept.

Empires and Puzzles have prepared various challenges for you to play as you build fortresses, win your favorite characters and destroy enemies because you have to be careful.

The application has many fun features, levels, and mini-games, making it an RPG for lovers of this genre or style of participation.

Additionally, Empires & Puzzles periodically holds world events, where you can participate with others to win some skins and use them in your battles. The puzzle levels are similar to Candy Crush and you can earn lives, take advantage of some benefits and gain powers that help you towards you.

The graphics are another of the great pros that we will find here, and if you like quality, you can enjoy them in high definition for the most demanding.

3. Smart Puzzles: to break your head by thinking

Having a puzzle to play every day is fine, but 5000 of them? Smart Puzzles offers us that amount of levels in an application that weighs very little , which makes it compatible with most Android devices.

However, what makes it so good is its clever strategies, since the app doesn’t collect traditional puzzles, but rather segments you have to think about assembling pipes, arranging colored boxes, and much more.

Also, in Smart Puzzles, you will have to play a lot to win each challenge and unlock the next levels.

And since there are so many options, you will be able to solve puzzles for every day of your life, which is pretty cool. Apart from all this, you don’t need an internet connection to be able to access the various games and not even be an expert, although thanks to it you can expand your intellectual quotient (IQ) to unthinkable levels.

4. Brain training

Another puzzle game for Android that will make you think more than you need to is Brain Training , a proposal that doesn’t consume much battery , but if our thinking skills.

In it you will find a large catalog of levels and types of puzzles , ranging from the most traditional to those that are based on strategies, levels of growth and pieces placed in specific packages.

What’s more, as you progress, you unlock new worlds to play.

Meanwhile, Brain Training works like the previous application and also does not consume many resources of your device, including RAM memory and storage.

While its levels get more difficult as you progress, the puzzles are organized in such a way that previous strategies help you solve later ones.

All this makes it one of the most complete for the whole family, mainly for children, who can expand their IQ by learning to think.

5. Puzzle glow

If you like glitter then this is the extra element you have been looking for and Puzzle Glow offers it to you in a fun game for the whole family .

The application brings together a variety of varied puzzles that will help you think and solve different problems. If you have to assemble the pieces in numerical order, or following light trails based on their color.

There are also levels that are based on strategy and it is important to analyze the whole context so that you do not make mistakes.

It should be noted that, from a technical point of view, Puzzle Glow offers us many advantages.

For example, it weighs very little to protect your storage space , consumes system resources at the lowest level, its colorful graphics set it apart from the competition, and the durability of the puzzles is no problem.

In fact, you have all the time you need to solve each level AND you can start over every time you find yourself in a point of no return, what do you say?

6. Puzzle 100 doors

In the best style of ancient civilizations, Puzzle 100 Doors will turn into more than 100 headaches.

And it is that, the degree of question and difficulty found in this application, makes it stand out above another because of how complicated it is to move to the next level.

In fact, that’s what got us to add to the list of ten Best Puzzle Games for Android, in addition to its powerful HD graphics and powerful surround sound.

But in practice it is more fun than you imagine , so Puzzle 100 Doors will take you to more than a hundred levels to try to open doors in each of them.

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