Bored?? Here’s a List of Fun Things to do with Friends

At times we get stuck on ideas on what to do when we have our friends over, or even when we need to spend time with our kids. There are loads of fun things to do to pass time and make spending time together with our friends, family, or even alone, exciting and memorable.

Fun Things to Do at Home

Things to do when bored
Fun Things to Do at Home

If you’ve ever asked, What should I do when bored? Check out the list of fun things you can do at home to pass time. Most of the activities on this list can be done indoors and are cheap thrills.

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Window Shopping Online: This is one fun thing to do at home if you are bored. Simply browse through a website without actually placing an order, you’d be surprised how fast time goes by when you do this.

Binge on a Netflix movie series: If you are subscribed to Netflix, you’ll know there are loads of content you can choose from. Pick a Netflix series that you’ll enjoy. put some popcorn in the microwave, and you’re all set for a few hours.

Play an instrument: Playing an instrument is a good way to have fun. You could learn to play your favourite song and maybe play it for your friends or even record and post the video on social media.

Learn a new language: This is a very productive way to pass time. Learn a language that’s highly sort after, who knows! It might just give you an edge when looking for a job.

Play a video game: If you are into games, it’s a great way to have fun. Play your favourite video games, you can connect with people from different parts of the world.

start a blog/ vlog: If you love to write and research, why not turn that passion into profit, start a blog and a vlog, write when you’re bored or during your spare time, and conquer your fear.

Fun Things to Do When Bored

Fun Things to Do at Home
Fun Things to Do at Home

Go for a walk: This is not an indoor activity but it had to be on this list. Get some fresh air into your lungs and also do some exercise.

Soak in a bath: If you have a full-time job, chances are you never ever have time to soak in a bath during the week because you are always in a hurry to leave the house for work. Give your body the break it deserves by soaking in a bath.

Deep Clean your House: Weekends are meant for cleaning, tidying up, and getting ready for the next working week. If you happen to be bored, maybe it’s time to do some deep cleaning.

Organise your Closet/ Pantry: Get creative and organise your closet in a way that’ll be easy for you to search for items when you are in a hurry. A good idea will be to label items and group similar things together.

Have A quiet time / meditate: We all need some peace and quiet to calm our minds. This is necessary for our overall health as it helps to reduce our stress level. Take out time to meditate and maybe do some yoga.

How To Pass Time Alone

Fill out a crossword puzzle: Solving crossword puzzles is a great way to exercise your mind and keep it alert. If you read newspapers, you will find puzzles in them that you can fill out to keep you entertained.

Learn how to play a musical instrument: If there’s a musical instrument you have always wanted to learn, what better time to learn it than when you’re bored.

You’ll find so many tutorials on youtube on how to play various types of musical instruments

Make a dish you’ve always fantasized about: Yes this is one of my favourite fun activities. Cooking up that dish I have always fantasized about.

Give yourself a manicure and pedicure: This will save you a trip to the beauty shop and also save you some money.

Watch and Follow a Youtube workout video: I love working out in private, this is because I can pause the workout video as many times as I want and take a break 😛

Sing along to some Disney songs: Get silly and sing along to your favourite Disney songs or your favourite songs. You’ll be glad you did!

Do a deep dive on a subject that interests you: Pick a book and read about things that you are interested in, we are never too old to learn new things

Fun Things to Do With Friends at Night

Fun Things to Do at Home
Fun Things to Do

Have Dinner at your Favourite Restaurant: Eating out with your friends once in a while in your favourite restaurant is a great way to spend time and form lasting relationships.

Attend a Musical festival Together: There is a huge chance that you and your friend are crazy about the same musical artist.

A great way to have fun with friends is by attending a music festival together. Without a doubt, you’ll create beautiful memories that you’ll cherish for a long time.

Have a sleepover: Yas! I do love sleepovers. It gives you enough time to catch up with your friends. You get to do so many things together and have loads of fun.

Go to a Karaoke Bar: if you haven’t been to a karaoke bar before, it should definitely be on your bucket list.

Can you imagine how much fun it will be to sing(perform) without a care in the world?

Make sure you ask your friends to record you, so you can play it back and laugh at yourself.

Have a Spa Day: It doesn’t matter whether you decide to have a spa day at home or a professional salon. Have fun with your friends by treating yourselves to a relaxing spa experience.

Plan a Double Date: Why not plan a double date with your friend and their partner, it’s very refreshing and you get to know more about your friend’s love life.

Fun Things to Do with Friends at Home

Fun Things to Do at Home
Fun Things to Do at Home

Play Video Games: Have fun with your friends by indulging in video games. You can spice it up by playing against each other and setting awards or tasks for losers and winners.

Have a book challenge: Having a book challenge is a great way to bond with friends as you’ll have something new to talk about.

Set a challenge and pick a book you should all read and set the time frame. You’d be surprised how much you would have to talk about after the challenge.

Play Board Games: Dust out your board games and create some laughable moments with your friends.

Playing board games will certainly strengthen your relationship and also increase your brain function. More so, It’s a fun thing to do with no money if you already have the board games.

Bake together: Baking is a great way to connect with friends, there’s also the bonus of eating the food and showing off what you’ve baked.

Have a Pyjama Day: It’s bliss to be able to spend all day in a pyjama. Moreso, it’s even better when the day is spent with a friend. You could watch movies or do play some games together.

Do some DIY together: This doesn’t have to be anything technical, you could help add some colour to each other’s room or help rearrange the house or help hang a picture that’s been lying on the floor, lol.

Make Funny Silly Videos Together: An exciting way to strengthen your friendship is by taking silly photos and videos together. These will help you cherish your friendship especially during times when they can’t be around. So take those photos, print them if you want and cherish them forever.

Fun Things to Do With Friends Outdoors

Fun Things to Do at Home
Fun Things to Do at Home

Have a Picnic Together: Have a picnic with your friends once in a while, enjoy the sunshine if the weather permits, and breathe in some fresh air.

Take a cooking Class Together: Cooking courses are great ways to spend the day with your loved ones as you’ll be working in pairs. It’s a perfect way to spend time outdoors with friends.

You will also have so much fun laughing at yourselves as you make a mess trying to create something delicious.

Go Camping Together: A camping holiday is usually always fun, and a cheap way to have fun. Get your friends excited about a camping trip, book a campsite, get all your supplies and you’re all set.

Watch your Favourite Sport Together: Spend quality time with your friends by getting tickets to watch your favourite sports team play. There’ll be so much to laugh about and so many good memories will be made.

Go on a Road Trip: Going on a road trip with friends is a perfect way to forsake all your responsibilities and pressures of work/school. Make sure you have a good plan so you don’t get stranded on the road.

Go on an Adventure Together: Perhaps you have a bucket list of things you would love to do. Doing them with friends makes it more memorable. Therefore, decide on what adventure to have and create lovely memories with your friends

Try a new Food together: Trying new food is defo a crazy thing to do with friends. Go outside your comfort zone and try that food you find yucky, lol.

gym with friends

Take Pictures in a Photo Booth: Photo booth pictures are usually goofy, and they always remind us of how much fun we have had with our friends. Frame that photo and hang it on your wall. You will always get a warm feeling whenever you glance towards it.

Go on a Shopping Spree: Yes, we all love shopping, It’s medicine for the soul sometimes, lol. However, if you can’t afford to splurge, you could do window shopping, it’s so much fun as well.

Go to the Gym Together: I personally find it very boring going to the gym alone. Working out is more enjoyable when done around familiar faces. So be sure to grab your friends when next you are heading to the gym so they can be your motivators.

Carve Each Other’s Name on a Tree: This is one of those silly things we do with friends but end up being really special. So when next you are in a wooded area, maybe in your favourite park, carve out each other’s name on a tree.

Go-Wine Tasting: If you are a wine lover it would be a great experience to go wine tasting with your friends. You’ll gain more knowledge about wine and above all, it’s an enjoyable experience.

Do Something Challenging Together: This could be anything, it could be your idea or theirs. It’s best when it’s something you are trying to overcome. So if for example, you are afraid of heights. You could go skydiving.

Fun Things to Do With Friends Outside In the Summer

fun things to do with friends

Go to your Favourite Theme Park: There are loads of things you could do in a theme park with your friends. You could go on loads of rides together and also plan some of the games available.

Visit a Zoo: Taking a trip to a zoo is a good way to appreciate nature especially if you love animals. You’ll all get to learn more about animals and you will find out just how much stress you can relieve by visiting a zoo.

Go Sky Diving: If you or your friends are afraid of heights, No better way to face and conquer your fears than to skydive. You will love it, and you’ll be proud of yourself.

Go Bungee Jumping: Make amazing memories with your friends by going Bungee jumping. Nothing beats seeing the world from that height, plus you’ll be conquering your fear if you’re afraid of heights like me.

Have a Barbeque: Having a Barbeque is a perfect way to enjoy your friends’ company, there’s always food and drinks and laughter.

fun with friends

Volunteer for your Favourite Charity: Volunteering for your favourite charity is a wonderful way to have some quality time with your friends. You get to do something.

Sign up for a Race: You can find and register for races with your friends in your local area with you it’s a great way to raise money for your local charity.

Your body will also massively benefit from the activities and you’ll create lasting memories with your friends and family.

Visit an Orphanage or Care Home: Firstly, I need to point out that an orphanage is not a tourist attraction. These kids have been through a lot and you should only make arrangements with your friends to go there if you genuinely want to help. You could help read stories to the kids or teach them a skill.

Visit the Beach Together: Going to the beach is a great way to relax and have fun. Plan a beach date with your friends, they will love getting wet and all the splashes. There’re lots of ways to have fun at the beach.

Fun Things to Do at a Sleepover

Fun with friends- sleepover

Dish up a Midnight Snack: Obviously, no sleepover is complete without food. Not just food, but good food. Impress your friend with these delish sleepover snacks. Most of them are very easy to make.

Bake a Cake: Baking a cake is a great way to spend time with your friends during a sleepover. Time spent in the kitchen is usually one of the best times to strengthen bonds and spend quality time together. The bonus point is you’ll enjoy eating the delicious warm cake.

Blindfolded Makeovers: Have a good laugh with your friends by taking turns doing makeovers whilst being blindfolded. You’ll all laugh at the horrible attempts you all make trying to get each other’s makeup done.

Watch a Scary Movie: I love scary movies, they get your adrenaline pumping out. It’s great to feel that way once in a while. Plus you have nothing to be afraid of, you have your best buddies next to you.

Pillow Fight: Who doesn’t love a good pillow fight? Grab that pillow, start the first hit, and watch your friends go wild. Laughter is good medicine after all.

Apply Face Masks: Applying a facemask is a great fun activity to add to your sleepover to-do list. Your faces will benefit from all that skin pampering.

Provide Cozy Pyjamas: Providing cozy pyjamas to your sleepover guests is a great way to make them feel welcomed and at home.

If you can, you can get matching pyjamas. Make sure you take pictures for keepsake as you’ll be making treasurable memories.

Games For Sleepovers

fun with friends

Play Would you Rather: ‘Would you Rather’ game is played by having one person asks the questions giving two choices and the rest of the players choose which one of the two choices they prefer.

Make Prank Calls: Have a good laugh with your friends by making prank calls, there are so many types of prank calls to make. Moreso, there are some really good prank call Apps. But if you are ever stuck on ideas click here.

Play Guess Who: The aim of the guess who game is to guess your opponent’s mystery character before they guess yours. If you need more information on how to play the Guess Who game click here.

Play Truth or Dare: Truth or dare is a game that involves each player being asked if they’ll like to answer a question truthfully or do a dare. If you are stuck on what to ask, click here.

Play ‘Never have I Ever’: When having a sleepover with friends, spice things up by ‘playing never have I ever’. Click here for the best list of questions.

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