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Time Spent Online; 5 Ways to be Productive Online

The average daily time spent online for internet users is just shy of 4 hours; oh this figure is for adults not under 18s. It’s also a known fact that most of us now heavily rely on the World Wide Web on a regular basis.

Time Spent Online
Time Spent Online

Some of us need it for work, whereas others like to think of the internet as their go-to source for entertainment, socializing, and finding out what is happening in the world.

Of course, one’s experience might feel a bit lackluster, particularly if we are talking about individuals who are not too tech-savvy. Fortunately, that can be changed with a bit of work.

We all know it’s a good thing to keep track of our time spent online, in this article we will focus on ways to be productive online and also some ideas on what you can do to have a great experience while surfing the web.

Install Browser Extensions

Time Spent Online
Time Spent Online

Our time spent online can be more productive when we have the right browser extensions. You are probably using Google Chrome as your primary internet browser, which is the most popular option at the moment.

One of the main reasons behind Chrome’s popularity is its large extension library. Users can modify the browser by installing various extensions. Ad blockers, search engine enhancements, price comparisons, grammar checkers, and auto-text expanders are some of the examples of popular Chrome extensions. 

You can browse the extension library and check what is available. It is a given that you will find browser extensions to enrich your experience.

Having said all that, you need to understand that installing too many extensions will affect the browser performance and leave you with a worse situation than you expected. Thus, do not go overboard with the extensions and install only those you actually need.

Reduce Your Time Spent Online by Trying Different Browsers

time spent online
time spent online

Sometimes, you might find that the current browser you are using is not up to par feature-wise. Or maybe it is consuming too many system resources, and you would like to use a browser that is not as demanding.

The best internet browsers are free to use, meaning that you do not have to worry about spending money on something you might not need.

Besides the already mentioned Google Chrome, users often try Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, Edge, Safari, and Tor.

Use a Virtual Private Network

Virtual private networks are great for security and privacy, but one should not underestimate the fact that you can change your location and IP address to access geo-restricted content.

For instance, if you cannot watch certain TV shows on Netflix because of where you live, a VPN can solve the issue, among what it offers in terms of security on the internet.

Time Spent Online
Time Spent Online

Of course, to keep things more private, you can also use the incognito mode in your internet browser. Clearing the browsing history helps as well, especially if someone else uses the same device.

You might need to spend time online to look for a present for someone and do not want them to find out about it. Or maybe the plan is to go on a family vacation, and you want to keep it secret. Regardless of the circumstances, there are ways to do that.

Optimize the Internet Setup

A poor internet connection can get in the way of your enjoyment. It is crucial to ensure that you have optimal speed when using the internet because it is not just about wasting time waiting for websites to load.

If you want to socialize with others by joining a Zoom meeting, for example, you will struggle because of constant disruptions.

If you have an ethernet cable, you are less likely to encounter internet issues. Meanwhile, those who rely on Wi-Fi might experience their network not connecting to the devices more frequently.

Getting to the bottom of the issue can be tricky. The first thing to consider is getting in touch with the internet service provider. They see more and might pinpoint where the problem lies.

Time Spent Online
Time Spent Online

In case things are okay on the ISP’s end, try to identify third-party peripherals that could potentially be jamming the signal. Wireless printers are a good example of this.

Upgrading the router is worth considering as well. A poor internet connection could be the result of lackluster equipment, and if it means spending money on a better router, it should be something you do.

Block Sites You Want to Avoid

If you find yourself spending too much time on social media or other websites but struggle to get rid of this habit naturally, why not take a different approach?

You can simply block the websites you no longer wish to visit. Sure, you will still be aware of them, but if you enter the URL in the browser’s tab and press enter, the access to the site will be denied, and that should solve the problem.

Quite a few people have problems with stuff like social media, and it is crucial to identify such addictions before they get out of hand. 

Once you eliminate these pesky sites from your routine, you are bound to become happier and enjoy surfing the internet more.

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  • Now I don’t have to worry about finding a new way of working because your article has helped me change my own working hours. I got serious and worked more efficiently.


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