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Online PDF Merger – 5 Top Features To Ease Your Work

It could be a big responsibility to manage the bulk of PDF files in the folder and keep them sorted. Sometimes it happens the person loses important files from the folder or misplaces them. To escape this issue, it is needed to compile all the PDF files that have the same topic with an online PDF Merger.

online PDF Merger
online PDF Merger

This will not only decrease the volume of documents on the device but also make it easy for the users to organize the files.

There are multiple ways that can be available for users to merge files. One possible way is to compile the files manually, use an online tool, or go to use computer software. But the most preferred among all of these methods is to go for an online PDF merger tool and combine the files.

The reason is that users can bind a bunch of PDF files in this tool for free even without installation. So, it is also considered a time-saving factor for the users as they can merge the files in very less time and increase the workflow. It might be handy when you have a zoom meeting presentation.

What is an Online PDF Merger?

Merge PDF is an online tool that can help you to merge all the required PDF documents present on the device quickly. Although other methods are also available for merging the files this one is rated above the other because of multiple elements.

Online PDF Merger
Online PDF Merger

Users can merge all the files at one time in this tool and get the results rapidly from here. Also, they can keep the content secure here and get the merged document with the same alignment. Users can get all the features for free even without installing the tool. Click here to visit the merge PDF tool

So, all these factors result in saving time for users and make it easy for them to work quickly. Here we will talk about these elements in detail and how this online tool helps in saving the time a user and makes their working life easier.

Top Features of an Online PDF Merger

Let’s have a deep look at the top features of an online PDF merger and tell you the benefits that users can get from here and save time.

·    Merge multiple files at once

While merging the PDF files manually, you have to select every file separately and merge them. This may take a lot of time for the users and affect the productivity of the work.

Online PDF Merger
Online PDF Merger

But with the help of online PDF mergers, users can combine all the PDF files quickly with a single click. One just has to select all the files that he wants to merge and after that click on the merge button. The tool will compile all the documents in a few seconds.

·   No need to Install

Purchasing the software and installing it on the device may take extra time. And after that, the software also takes time to load. So, the chances of getting the results quickly get fade here.

But an online PDF merger on the other side allows you to get all the features for free. Also, there is no need to install it on the device. Instead, the users can compile all the files online and merge them. So, here users can again save time and make the working process easy for themselves.

·   Available Everywhere

Users can avail of this online tool on every platform. There is no restriction of device or browser for the online PDF merger. Instead one can open it anywhere and anytime.

You can see multiple online software that is not useable on some of the devices. The reason is that they are not compatible with the device so users have to select such a device where they can open the PDF merging software. But with the help of an online PDF combiner, users can bind the PDF files everywhere without any restriction.

·    Sort the files

The online PDF merging tool also allows the users to sort the files and keep them in order. That means the users can edit the documents and change their position.

If you are doing all this manually, you will have to invest a lot of time. Therefore, the online tool can be a top option for merging PDF files. 

·  Support heavy documents

The best element of online PDF mergers is that users can upload heavy files here and merge them all quickly. There is no restriction on the size of the document in the online tool.

Users just have to upload the files here and hit the merge button. The tool will compile all the files quickly without wasting the time of the users.

What does a PDF merger do?

Users can easily understand the working of an online PDF merger. There is no need to learn about the tool and its features. You just need to follow a simple pattern and it will provide you with the merged document. Here we are going to discuss the steps that you need to follow.

  • Open the tool on your device and click on the upload button.
  • You can select the files from multiple platforms, i.e. Device folder, Google Drive, Dropbox. This tool also allows you to insert the link of the PDF files in the URL box if they are available on a website.
  • Once you complete uploading the files, sort them and place them in order. You can do this task by clicking on the edit button.
  • After uploading the files, hit the merge button and the tool will start processing and will compile the files quickly.
  • Now, when the files get merged you can save the final document on your device by clicking on the download button.


You can get multiple methods for merging PDF files on the search engine. But the most trusted one is to go for an online PDF merger and compile the files there. The reason is that users can merge multiple files at once in the online tool and save time.

Everyone wants to complete the tasks quickly and the PDF merging tool can be quite useful in this regard. Here we have discussed all the top advantages that users can get with the help of an online PDF combiner and merge the files quickly without wasting the time.

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