Dundee Law…A Cocktail of History and Beauty, worth a trip.


So guys, If you are planning a visit to Scotland, Dundee to be precise, your tour isn’t complete if you don’t visit the Law.  There is so much history in just one location, Dundee Law is a hill in the centre of Dundee, Scotland. It holds the record for being the highest point in central Dundee, it has a large war memorial at its summit which to me makes it the most prominent feature on the local skyline.
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 There’s evidence of burials that suggests that the Law may have been used by human settlers 3500 years ago. The view of Dundee from this place is breath-taking, you will get to see the whole length of the old Tay Bridge (Story for another day), the current Tay Bridge and the Tay River. There is even a tunnel that runs through Dundee Law, it was used as a railway to Newtyle (a lovely village in the west of Angus, Scotland), unfortunately😞😞, it was closed in the 1980s, hopefully, it will get reopened as a tourist attraction in the nearest future.


 There are other nice places to visit in Dundee but if you are like me and you love history and beautiful scenery, then Dundee Law should be at the top of your to-do list😊😊


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