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30+ Best Christmas Movies For Kids That They Will Love To Watch

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There are very few things that are better than having a list of Christmas movies for kids, that will keep the whole family entertained and also light up that special Christmas spark.

As we all know Christmas movies do a good job in igniting the Christmas spirit, so what could be better than watching a Christmas movie that is family friendly.

I have compiled a brilliant list of the best Christmas movies that are very kids-friendly and also interesting enough for adults. So, you may run into a problem trying to pick just one movie, but hey, who says you can’t have a movie marathon😊

Whether you’re looking for a Christmas movie that will make you laugh, a sentimental tale or an animated Christmas movie, this list has got you covered.

So, grab that blanket and cup of hot cocoa and snuggle up with your family as you spend time watching the best Christmas movies of all time.

Home Alone (1990)

Home Alone 1990

Home alone is an all-time favourite Christmas movie for kids and a highly rated family comedy.

It’s a timeless classic and a great comedy for the whole family especially on those cosy winter movie nights.

To summarise, Home Alone is a Christmas movie about a young boy named Kevin who is accidentally left behind when his family takes off for a Christmas vacation in France.

I could go on and on about how brilliantly funny this movie is. For me, it is a must-watch Christmas movie and will always be on my Christmas movies for Kids watch list.

Nativity! Christmas Movies on Netflix

Christmas movies on netflix

This is one of the funniest Christmas movies on Netflix, and it can be enjoyed by the whole Family.

Basically, it is about Paul, a primary school teacher, who is asked to produce the year’s nativity play.

Hilarity ensues when Paul lies to his opponent that a Hollywood producer will be turning the play into a movie.

 This Christmas movie is a heart-warming, funny and such a lovely story about school children and their love-lorn teacher getting ready for Christmas.

It’s so good that I can watch at any time of the year.

The 12 Dogs of Christmas

Chritmas Movies

This is easily one of the best Christmas movies for kids.

To summarise, It is about a widowed and out of work dad who reluctantly sends his daughter to stay with her aunt. She takes it upon herself to find out why the town has so many outlawed dogs.

Arthur Christmas (2011)

Arthur Christmas 2011

This is a smart and very British Christmas movie about Santa’s youngest son Arthur. He embarks on a magical adventure to deliver the final gift to a neglected child to save Christmas.

This amazing Christmas movie can be enjoyed by both adults and children. Also, it has a good balance between kid movies and adult-friendly scenes.  It is so easily one of the best-rated witty Christmas movies with lots of good humour.

Elf (2003)

Elf 2003

To begin with, this is one of the funniest Christmas movies ever 😊. To summarise, this fantastic Christmas movie is about a human baby who mistakenly ends up at the north pole and was adopted and raised by elves.

He grew into an adult and notices he doesn’t fit in with the other elves. He decided to set off on a journey to find his real parents.

 It is a very funny and uplifting Christmas movie and it appeals to adults and children. Oh, Buddy, the Elf’s favourite Christmas quote might soon be yours as well😊, ‘The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing for all to hear’ It is a Christmas movie worth binging on.

Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch (2018)

Dr. Seuss the Grinch 2018

If you are a fan of the Grinch series, this is a step up from the old The Grinch. His sole mission is to steal Christmas however he had his heart changed by a little girl’s generous holiday spirit.

This animated Christmas movie is funny, heart-warming, and visually stunning. It is a brilliant story about the spirit of Christmas and the indomitable power of optimism.



This is a must-have Disney movie. In summary, it’s a movie about two sisters, Fearless and optimistic Anna who teams up with a mountaineer and his reindeer sidekick to find Anna’s sister Elsa.

Also, it has got really amazing musicals and it’s a big hit for kids of all ages, even adults can sing along to the lovely songs.

Beauty and the Beast, Enchanted Christmas

Beauty and the Beast enchanted christmas

Without a doubt, this amazing Christmas movie was inspired by the original beauty and the beast. Also, it has a great storyline that maintains all the magic of the original movie.

Furthermore, it’s a great movie to add to your favourite Christmas movies for kids list, there are lovely Christmas songs to sing along to and it is great for the whole family.

A Doggone Christmas

A Doggone Christmas

To summarise, this movie is about a cute dog with telepathic abilities that escapes a government lockdown and runs into the loving arms of two young brothers.

Now it is up to the two young brothers to save their canine friend by channeling their spirit of Christmas.

The Man Who Invented Christmas (2018)

The Man who invented Christmas

This is a great Christmas movie for all ages. It’s a story about how Charles Dickens came to write a Christmas carol.

It is fun , engaging with a good number of Christmas carol songs and it was wonderfully acted.

All I Want for Christmas Is You (2017)

All I Want for Christmas Is You 2017

Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas Is You is a great Christmas movie for kids and the whole family.

The Christmas songs are great and to summarise the movie; It is simply about a little Mariah Carey wanting a dog for Christmas.

Are you finding it hard to decide what to get your toddler for Christmas? You may want to read this.

The Christmas Chronicles (2018)

The Christmas Chronicles 2018 1

After trying to catch Santa in the act on Christmas Eve and accidentally crashing Santa’s sleigh, a brother and sister pull an all-nighter with the jolly old elf himself to save Christmas.

They can’t afford to fail because they will be on the naughty list for life. This Christmas movie is fun for kids and adults to watch.

A Christmas Story

Christmas movies for kids

A Christmas Story is one of the best Comedy Christmas movies for kids. It has very beautiful narration, it is hilarious and has an emotional touch.

To summarise, this Christmas movie about a young boy who had his heart set on getting a BB gun for Christmas. Therefore, he went on the full-scale offensive to make sure his wish comes true.

A Christmas Wish

Christmas movies for kids

A Christmas wish is a great Christmas movie about a single mum who prays for a miracle to help her struggling family as she finds herself penniless and homeless just before Christmas.

 She had no idea that her sympathetic neighbours and a concerned admirer have been working behind the scenes to renew her faith and make her Christmas season bright.

This Christmas movie is beautiful and heart-warming. It has a message of hope and portrays the true meaning of Christmas. It is one of the best movies for Christmas if you ask me.

Merry Madagascar Christmas Kids Movie

Christmas movies for kids

If your kids loved the original Madagascar movie they won’ t be able to resist this classic short Christmas movie which stars their favourite character in a festive new adventure.

This short Christmas movie is about a group of animals stranded on the island of Madagascar and preparing to return home to New York in time for Christmas.

 Unfortunately, King Julian ruins their plans by shooting down the hot air balloon trying to defend his kingdom from Santa.

Miracle on 34th Street

Christmas movies for kids

Miracle on 34th Street has to be my list. It is one of the best Christmas movies for kids. There’s the original which was produced in 1947 and the remake in 1994, both will warm your heart and rekindle the spirit of Christmas in you.

To summarise, In this classic Christmas movie, the holiday season is in full swing when a cultured gentlemen with twinkling eyes, an ample belly, and a snowy beard is hired as Macy’s department store Santa.

I would highly recommend adding this movie to your Chrismas movies for kids watchlist as it is absolutely lovely and will put you and your family in the Christmas spirit.


Christmas movies for kids

Firstly, Alone for Christmas is a hilarious Christmas kids movie about a little dog who was left home alone on Christmas eve.
The little dog did everything possible to outsmart bumbling burglars from stealing its family’s Christmas presents from under the tree.

Finally, If you love dogs you will love this movie, it’s enjoyable and a nice Christmas movie for kids.

The Muppet Christmas Carol

Christmas movies for kids

The Muppets Christmas Carol is a great Christmas movie by Chrales Dickens.

It is a muppet Christmas movie loaded with some legendary songs that you can’t help but sing along to.

The storyline is about a stingy old man who learns to change his ways and become more generous on a lonely Christmas Eve.

The funny muppets will hold your child’s attention and the movie will get you firmly into the Christmas spirit.

Holiday Inn Christmas Movies for Kids

Christmas movies for kids

Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire sing and dance their way into your heart in this sensational musical Christmas comedy movie Holiday Inn.

This special edition of Holiday Inn features 13 lovely Christmas songs by famed composer Irving Berlin, including White Christmas 😍 one of the biggest-selling recordings in music history.

I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Christmas movies for kids

I’ll be home for Christmas is an enjoyable Christmas movie with plenty of fun for the whole family to watch.

To summarise, it is about a self-absorbed prep school student, finds himself, just days before Christmas, stranded in the middle of the California desert.

I won’t spill it all out, lol. Watch the movie to find out how he got home in time for Christmas 😁.

Jack Frost Christmas Movies For Kids (1999)

Christmas movies for kids

Jack Frost is a classic Christmas movie about a struggling musician who realises that he isn’t spending much quality time with his family.

Then, one night he is killed in a car accident while trying to make the right choice to spend more time with his family.

A year later his son makes a wish and his father reappears as a snowman….

This christmas movie is so touching and satisfying to watch. It has a touch of magic to it with loads of humour.

Jingle All The way

Christmas movies for kids

Jingle all the way is a Christmas movie about a well-meaning executive workaholic dad that wants to make things right with his son and his wife.

He promises to get his son Jamie the hottest toy for the season as a Christmas present. However, it’s Christmas eve and the toy is practically sold out.

He therefore had to hunt down the elusive Christmas gift and runs into another father on the same quest.

This Christmas movie is quite hilarious and engaging. It potrays Arnold in a different way.

Klaus: Christmas Movies for Kids (2019)

Christmas movies for kids

Klaus is a beautiful Christmas movie about a selfish postman who was considered to be the worst postman in the academy. He was posted to a frozen town where he discovered Santa Claus’s hideout.

Klaus has a very great storyline. This beautiful Christmas movie is a tale of love, redemption, loss, and peace. It resonates with today’s society and everyday living.

Furthermore, the characters and animation are really good. If you have not seen this Christmas movie, please do and add it to your Christmas watchlist. I know it’s going to be a classic someday.

Kung Fu Panda Holiday

Christmas movies for kids

Kung Fu Panda holiday is one of the Kung Fu Panda franchise movies . It’s worth watching if your kid is a Kung Fu Panda fan . It is entertaining, the animation is great, and the Christmas theme makes the story warm and fun.

To summarise, this edition of Kung Fu Panda tells the story of Po the Panda, who has to prepare for a family feast for the winter festival.

However, he discovers he must also prepare for a feast for masters as it is the responsibility of the Dragon warrior a title he recently earned. So, he has to find a way to balance both duties.

The Little Drummer Boy

Christmas movies for kids

This short animation Christmas movie is about an orphaned boy with a knack for drumming who hated humanity.

However, he finds his life changed forever when he meets three wise men on route to Bethlehem.

After joining a party of three royal kings, He finds himself part of a caravan to witness the birth of Jesus.

MICKEY’S Once Upon A Christmas

Christmas movies for kids

If you are a Disney family, you will love this. This Christmas movie is fun for young children. It has stories about Donald Duck, Goofy, Minnie and Mickey Mouse at Christmas time.

It is very entertaining, and a well animated Christmas movie full of powerful Christmas messages for Disney lovers.

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure (2017)

Christmas movies for kids

This short animation movie is a heart-warming Christmas movie about Olaf who did everything he can to make Christmas better for Elsa and Anna.

I love the message portrayed in this movie. Reminding us that the best gift we have in life are our family and friends.

Also the music is amazing, it will stick in your

polar express

Christmas movies for kids

The Polar Express is one of the best Christmas Movies for kids of all ages. It is fun to watch, very engaging and will get you in the Christmas mood.

To summarise, it is a story about a young boy, who is coming to an age where he is doubting Santa Claus’ existence, until the Polar Express- a magical train destined for the North Pole- takes him and a group of other young children on a journey to Santa and to reaffirm their faith in Christmas.

The Cat In The Hat Knows a Lot About Christmas

Christmas movies for kids

This Christmas movie is a must-see and it is based on Dr. Seuss’s best-selling book. It is an animated Christmas movie that is perfect for all the family.

‘Twas the day before Christmas and all through the yard, The Cat in the Hat partied hard! When the party was over and the guests departed, a poor baby reindeer was left broken-hearted! Can The Cat in the Hat, Sally, Nick, and the Fish make little Ralph’s Christmas wish come true’?

The Santa Claus

Christmas movies for kids

The Santa Claus is one of the best Disney Christmas movies for kids ever. It is a great movie for all kids and even adults. It has lots of humour, it is engaging, full of Christmas spirit and very inspiring.

To summarise, this Christmas movie is about a divorced father who puts on Santa’s suit and must become the new Santa before the next Christmas.

The Snowy Day (2016)

Christmas movies for Kids

The snowy day is a very simple heart-warming Christmas story about a little boy named Peter who goes to his Nan’s house to bring home their Christmas Eve dinner.

This simple Chritmas movie has got really great music and portrays the true meaning of giving, family, and friendship. It is a short Christmas movie, but very engaging, you will love it!

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